Acumenity Website

Acumenity is a development company. After developing the brand, I designed their website, which provides the thinking behind their processes and an overview of services.

Cinch Website

Cinch offers a flexible Learning Management System for companies that want to use best-in-class, third party apps to build their training systems. After developing the brand, I designed their marketing website, which provides an overview of how their system works.

Hernandez Painting Website

I designed and developed this site as a WordPress site for a high-end painting company interested in making their own updates. I also trained the client to make the updates. It was live for only a year.

Product Design

Intuit Learning Management System Application

This is the Intuit Quickbooks learning module redesign, which I designed to have a clear, navigable table of contents and clickable text. I was the UI/UX designer on the project.

McKesson EMR System

This is a project I developed with Acumenity for McKesson to fit within their existing software. We were tasked with adhering to the existing design but making a clean, simple, efficient and modern design.

Vendor Power Tool Application

The Vendor Power Tool is a photo gallery that helps marketers select, order and ship clothing samples based on categories such as seasons and clothing type. I was the UI Designer on the project.

Cinch Application

This was the initial design for the dashboard for the Cinch Learning Management application. For the application, I was part of a team of three designers. I also developed the Cinch brand and the website for


Elemental Mobile Application

Elemental is a mobile and desktop application that helps candidates apply for jobs online. I was the UI designer on the project.