Case Study: Medline EMS

The Problem

Medline is a multi-billion dollar medical supply company. EMS was a large area for growth. However, they weren’t breaking through, and they needed to find a way into that community.

The Solution

Medline EMS, as part of the Medline brand, is a great illustration of how brands are not simply logos and fonts. I partnered with a copywriter to rebrand and focus their EMS division.

EMS is a sub-brand using the same fonts, colors and the letters EMS paired with the Medline logo. We used the guiding principles of the Medline brand for EMS: Personal, Simple and Guiding.

We interviewed the sales team, EMS professionals and customers. We even did an ambulance ride along.

Preparation for saving lives is top of mind for EMS pros. There are so many things they have no control over in their jobs, but preparing their supplies is one of the few things they can control. They value, but don’t expect, the support of a sales rep in this effort. Medline’s value proposition, or how they can distinguish themselves in the EMS world, lies in phone support and in-person sales visits to help with managing that product efficiently, which are rare in the EMS industry. By turning the focus on this aspect of the business in communications with EMS pros, they were able to leverage that advantage.

The Impact

By identifying what made Medline unique in the industry, we put them on their way to dominance. In two years, the EMS business grew by $4 million dollars. In a year they added five new sales people to the team. The marketing team reported that they have made a habit of using the phrase, “Are you ready?”

Diana Groth Design | Creative Direction + Strategy